1986 The Meryl Streep Story
1986 The Meryl Streep Story
prosinec 2019 "Little Women/Malé ženy"
prosinec 2019 "Little Women/Malé ženy"
2020 "Let Them All Talk/Nechte je všechny mluvit", pro HBO MAX
2020 "Let Them All Talk/Nechte je všechny mluvit", pro HBO MAX
2020 "The Prom/Promoce" - muzikál pro Netflix TV
2020 "The Prom/Promoce" - muzikál pro Netflix TV
Town & Country (USA, January 2009) Picopa Moderna (Brasil, January 2009)
article-townandcountry-jan2009-01.jpg article-picopa-jan2009-01.jpg
Stop Magazine (Slovenia, January 2009) Vikend Magazine (Slovenia, January 2009)
article-stop-jan2009-01.jpg article-viekend-jan2009-01.jpg
Entertainment Weekly (USA, Janaury 2009) Anna (Finland, January 2009)
article-ew-jan2009-01.jpg article-anna-jan2009-01.jpg
OHO Magazine (Finland, January 2009) The Independent (UK, January 2009)
article-oho-jan2009-01.jpg article-theindependent-january2009-01.jpg
Total Film Magazine (UK, February 2009) Psychologies Magazine (Romania, February 2009)
article-totalfilm-feb2009-05.jpg article-psychologiesrom-feb2009-01.jpg
Sinema Magazine (Turkey, February 2009) Milliyet Magazine (Turkey, February 2009)
article-sinema-feb2009-02.jpg article-milliyet-feb2009-03.jpg
Radio Times Magazine (UK, February 2009) Vanity Fair (USA, February 2009)
article-radiotimes-feb2009-01.jpg article-vanityfair-feb2009-01.jpg
Der Spiegel (Germany, February 2009) Hoerzu (Germany, February 2009)
article-derspiegel-feb2009-02.jpg article-hoerzu-feb2009-01.jpg
Herald Magazine (UK, February 2009) El Pais Semanal (Spain, February 2009)
article-heraldmagazine-feb2009-07.jpg article-elpairsemanal-feb2009-01.jpg
Le Figaro (France, February 2009) Rivista del Cinematografo (Italy, February 2009)
article-lefigaro-feb2009-02.jpg 200902rivistadelcinematografo001.jpg
Speak Up (February 2009) Profile Magazine (Russia, February 2009)
200902speakup001.jpg article-profile-feb2009-01.jpg
Mini Russia Magazine (Russia, March 2009) Magazin DNES (Czech Republic, March 2009)
article-minirussia-march2009-02.jpg article-magazindnes-march2009-01.jpg
Felderhof Magazine (Netherlands, March 2009) Entertainment Weekly (USA, April 2009)
200903felderhof010.jpg article-ew-april2009-03.jpg
Annabelle Magazine (Switzerland, April 2009) Psychologies Magazine (April 2009)
article-annabelle-april2009-02.jpg 200904psychologies001.jpg
Krestjanka Magazine (Russia, May 2009) Kinopark Magazine (Russia, May 2009)
article-krestjanka-may2009-06.jpg article-kinopark-may2009-07.jpg
OK Magazine (Brasil, June 2009) Star Hit Magazine (Russia, June 2009)
article-ok-juny2009-01.jpg article-starhit-june2009-03.jpg
Imena Magazine (Russia, June 2009) Ekho Planety (Russia, June 2009)
article-imena-june2009-002.jpg article-ekhoplanety-june2009-02.jpg
Antenna Telesem (Russia, June 2009) Stern Magazine (Germany, June 2009)
article-antennatelesem-june2009-003.jpg article-stern-juni2009-04.jpg
The TV Times (UK, June 2009) Hello Magazine (Canada, July 2009)
article-tvtimes-june2009-01.jpg article-helloca-july2009-02.jpg
Ladies Home Journal (USA, August 2009) Gala Magazine (Germany, August 2009)
article-ladieshomejournal-aug2009-01.jpg article-gala-aug2009-01.jpg
Elle Magazine (USA, August 2009) Time Magazine (USA, August 2009)
article-elle-aug2009-01.jpg article-time-aug2009-02.jpg
Entertainment Weekly (USA, August 2009) Entertainment Weekly (USA, August 14 2009)
article-ew-aug2009-02.jpg article-ew-aug2009-04.jpg
People Magazine (USA, August 2009) American Cinematographer (USA, August 2009)
article-people-aug2009-02.jpg 200908americancinematographer001.jpg
Marie Claire (Italy, August 2009) Elle Magazine (France, September 2009)
article-marieclaire-aug2009-01.jpg article-elle-sep2009-01.jpg
OK Magazine (Germany, September 2009) Magazine La Vanguardia (Spain, September 2009)
article-ok-sept2009-01.jpg article-lavanguardia-march2009-02.jpg
Time Out London (UK, September 2009) Sunday Life Magazine (UK, September 2009)
article-timeoutlondon-sep2009-01.jpg article-sundaylife-sept2009-01.jpg
The Daily Mail Weekend (UK, September 2009) Reveal Magazine (UK, October 2009)
article-weekend-sep2009-02.jpg 200910reveal002.jpg
Ciak (Italy, October 2009) Tu Style (Italy, October 2009)
article-ciak-oct2009-01.jpg article-tustyle-oct2009-02.jpg
Roma Capitale Magazine (Italy, October 2009) Oggi Magazine (Italy, October 2009)
article-romacapitale-oct2009-01.jpg article-oggiitaly-oct2009-02.jpg
Vanity Fair (Italy, October 2009) Gioia Magazine (Italy, October 2009)
vanityfairitaly-oct2009-02.jpg article-gioiaitaly-oct2009-02.jpg
Best Movie Magazine (Italy, October 2009) L'Officiel Magazine (Russia, October 2009)
article-bestmovie-oct2009-01.jpg article-lofficielrussia-oct2009-03.jpg
Diva Magazine (Netherlands, October 2009) Entertainment Weekly (USA, October 2009)
article-divadutch-oct2009-01.jpg article-ew-oct2009-02.jpg
Entertainment Weekly (USA, November 2009) Sondag Magazine (Netherlands, November 2009)
article-ew-nov2009-01.jpg 200911sondag001.jpg
Elle Magazine (Argentina, November 2009) 50 & Piu Magazine (Italy, December 2009)
article-ellearg-nov2009-01.jpg 200912fiftyepiu001.jpg
The Independent (UK, December 2009) The Sunday Times (UK, December 2009)
200912theindependent001.jpg article-londonsundaytimes-dec2009-04.jpg
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