2020 The Prom-Behind The Scenes, Meryl Streep&Nicole Kidman
2020 The Prom-Behind The Scenes, Meryl Streep&Nicole Kidman


2021 "Don't Look Up"-Janie Orlean
2021 "Don't Look Up"-Janie Orlean

15.02.2015 Paul McCartney: Meryl Streep, Steve van Zandt, Lorne Michaels, Lucky Few Hear Mostly Beatles Set at NYC Club

What a crowd, what a night, what a set: Paul McCartney and his band played a two hour set of mostly Beatles songs and some solo rarities for a lucky few hundred people tonight. McCartney took over the smallish Irving Plaza, run now by LiveNation, and charged just $40 a ticket. Of course, prices on CraigsList were up to $500 by the time McCartney hit the stage with “Eight Days a Week.”
In the crowd were Meryl Streep, Lorne Michaels, Fred Armisen, Steve Buscemi, Jim Carrey, Maureen and Steve van Zandt, Chris Rock, Peter Asher among the A-listers.

The set included “Let it Be,” “I’ve Just Seen a Face,” “Drive My Car,” “All My Loving,” “Back in the USSR,” “OblaDi Obla Da,” “Lady Madonna,” “Hey Jude,” “We Can Work it Out,” and the “Golden Slumbers” medley that ends “Abbey Road.” McCartney also threw in great solo hits like “Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Another Day,” “Every Night,” “Jet,” “Let Me Roll It,” “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five.”

McCartney, who will play live on “SNL 40″ on Sunday night, joked before “USSR” about playing in Russia. He said a fan had told him he’d learned English listening to Beatles songs. “Hello, goodbye,” he offered.

McCartney at nearly 73 just keeps rocking, and sounding youthful and energetic as ever.
Let It Be - video
All My Loving - video

Paul McCartney Setlist February 14, 2015

Eight Days A Week (from Beatles For Sale, 1964)
Save Us (from New, 2014)
All My Loving (from With The Beatles, 1063)
One After 909 (from Let It Be, 1970)
Matchbox (single 1964)
Let Me Roll It (from Band On The Run, 1973)
Nineteen Hundred and Eight-Five (from Band On The Run, 1973)
My Valentine (from Kisses On The Bottom, 2012)
Maybe I’m Amazed (from McCartney, 1970)
I’ve Just Seen A Face (from Help, 1965)
It’s So Easy (Buddy Holly cover)
Every Night (from McCartney, 1970)
Another Day (single 1971)
We Can Work It Out (single 1965)
And I Love Her (from A Hard Day’s Night, 1964)
New (from New, 2014)
Lady Madonna (single 1968)
Jet (from Band On The Run, 1973)
Drive My Car (from Rubber Soul, 1965)
Ob-La Di, Ob-La-Da (from The Beatles, 1968)
Back In The USSR (from The Beatles, 1968)
Let It Be (from Let It Be, 1970)
Hey Jude (single, 1968)

Golden Slumbers (from Abbey Road, 1969)
Carry That Weight (from Abbey Road, 1969)
The End (from Abbey Road, 1969)

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